CEV is a network of over 80 national, regional, and local volunteer centres and volunteer support agencies across Europe. CEV’s vision is a Europe in which volunteering has a central role in building a society that is cohesive, inclusive, and based on solidarity and active citizenship. Its mission is to contribute to the creation in Europe of a political, social, and economic environment that allows the full potential of volunteering to be realised.

The network’s member organisations work together to promote and support volunteering through activities within the four areas of: knowledge sharing, partnerships and networking, policy and advocacy, and training and capacity building. Among other things, CEV works to strengthen volunteering infrastructure in Europe, channels its members’ collective priorities to the European Union institutions and the Council of Europe, and promotes volunteering as an expression of European values.


CEV and the NET-Age Project

2012 was the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. CEV is part of a Coalition of more than 50 civil society organisations which promoted the year and are working to achieve an age-friendly Europe. In 2012 CEV dedicated one of its two conferences to the issue of volunteering as it relates to older people. The conference showcased how volunteering can contribute to age-friendly societies, and highlighted the importance of volunteer organizations’ assessing how their work supports and promotes active ageing.



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