City of Split


City of Split is the second largest city in Croatia, and the largest Croatian city on eastern coast of the Adriatic sea. According to the last census from April 2011. Split has 178.192 inhabitants. This means that it has nearly 40 percent of the inhabitants of Split Dalmatian County (population 455.242), or slightly more than 4 percent of the total number of Croatian citizens (4.290.612 inhabitants).
The City of Split has 435 employees within the organization divided into 16 departments and operates with the annual budget of approximately 100 million Euros. Work is organized and done according to Act on Local and Regional Self Government. City of Split takes care of urban and space planning, community affairs, social welfare and primary healthcare, preschool and primary school education, sports and recreation, physical culture and culture in general, city ecology, civil defense and fire protection, traffic, city roads maintenance, protection customers’ rights and some other affairs.
Municipality building has got office equipment, presentation hall, presentation equipment, communication equipment, maintenance and protection equipment.

The City of Split and NET-Age project

City of Split is one of the 12 partner organizations involved in the project. Local partner from private/NGO sector is Association MI. Aims of the project are very much in line with local program of activities and even take into consideration wider aspects of care for the elderly population. One of the project outputs will be mapping of local stakeholders and policies involved in elderly assistance in collaboration with Association MI. Through the workshops and exchange of best practices, identified stakeholders will improve their knowledge and better cooperation between public and private sector will be established. Proposal for local action plan will also be made and put forward to relevant policy makers. Raising awareness of the needs of the elderly, the services available, the importance of volunteering and active involvement are also important outputs of the project and of major interest for the City of Split as well. Achieving a good cross border Adriatic cooperation of the organizations involved in the project and spreading it further to other stakeholders in region is also an opportunity for the City of Split to improve its capacities and possibilities in elderly assistance.
City of Split will participate actively in all project tasks and was especially in charge of organizing the Kick-Off Meeting for all project partners. The meeting took place on 21- 22. March 2013. in the conference hall of the Croatian Chamber of Economy in Split.


Name of the contact person: Andrej Mardešić
Position in the entity: Advisor in Department for social welfare and healthcare
Telephone number:+ 385 21 310 153
Fax number: + 385 21 310 325
Organization’s website: